VoteScope was developed by a small team over a two week period for the 2012 Code for Change competition.

“Change” prize, 2nd Place Winner at the NYU Wagner and NYC Digital Code for Change Hackathon, VoteScope NYC beta is an app we designed and built in two weeks.  It provided election insight during the Nov 6th 2012 election, including your voting districts, where to vote, your local and national candidates, their parties, responsibilities of the office they were running for, how to contact them and see their webpages, and where your candidates get their money.

The web app, produced in English, Spanish, and Spanglish, received 2000 visitors after one day of social media promotion on the day of the election, with an average page view of 2 minutes 46 seconds, suggesting that people thoroughly scrolled through and investigated the candidate information we provided.

After the election the New York City Campaign Finance Board used our prototype as the basis for developing NYCVotes, a full fledged local election platform that has provided information to voters in two elections and enabled dozens of local candidates to accept mobile donations.

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